Latest Offers


We have some great deals on at the moment. We can offer the supply of the following,

1x SMART E70 70" Interactive display for £3,099.00

1 x SMART LightRasie 60wi Interactive Projector for £1,199.00.

Get in contact today on 01962 715377 to make the most of these amazing deals. 

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SMART Board E70 Interactive Flat Panel


Introducing the new SMART Board E70 Interactive Flat Panel. All of our engineers are fully trained and we can install the board within a week of your order. Call now on 01962 715377 to arrange a no obligation site survey. 

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Wireless LANs


The Extricom system has made WLANS easy! It is purpose built to deliver a robust and reliable service for voice, data video and location based solutions. It offers both operational flexibility and faster speeds.


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Wireless Systems


GeoDesy FSO (Free Space Optics)

The GeoDesy range of Free Space Optics offers exciting wireless possibilities suitable for interbuilding links, warehouses, offices and many more. It is a cost effective solution, which is a great alternative to save on ducts.

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New Audio Visual Equipment


SMART Table 442i – Exciting Stuff!!!

We were lucky enough to try out the exciting new SMART Table 442i at SHAPE Showcase last week. It’s a collaborative learning centre suitable from early education such as preschool onwards. 


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New Audio Visual Equipment


  Introducing the new Interactive Visualiser AVerVison F15 
  • Quality 5megapixel camera and 16 x zoom
  • 30fps frame rate
  • Flexineck design
  • Large shooting area (440 x330mm)
  • HD1080p output resolution


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New Website


Welcome to the new website. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our website revamped with loads of new features and deals. Check back soon for more updates

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